Khalid Richardson – Staying true to yourself.

High School Graduation Series

Khalid Richardson – Student U Class of 2019

Khalid Richardson is graduating from Eastern Alamance High School and will be attending The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He has a passion for animals and plans to pursue that passion by majoring in Zoology. He values authenticity and believes in being true to himself will help him succeed in school and beyond.

What is your vision for the world and Durham?
My vision for the world is for people to accept that they are who they are. Imitation is not necessary to be accepted. What is your role in that vision?
My role is to be another example of truly being yourself. What challenges/obstacles have you or must you overcome on your journey to realizing your vision?
Obstacles I’ve overcome is not to give into influence or pressure. What values guide/drive you on your journey?
Values that drive me include appreciating others’ ideas and not taking credit for their ideas, and trying to be my most authentic self. In the grand scheme of things, why do you believe it is important you succeed?
If you’re successful in today’s world you survive and if you’re not, then you’re lost. Who has/is helping you on your journey?
My mother, my mentor, and Student U How has Student U been part of your journey?
They always preach about how education is the best route to succeed. What is your plan to achieve your vision? What steps have you already taken and what ones are next?
My plan is to continue to improve my well-being, and not be distracted by anyone else’s business. When you succeed how do you hope your life will be different? How will other’s lives be different?
I hope my life would be different by having financial stability and a stable mind, and to take care of my family and myself. What is one piece of advice you would give your younger peers? How will you help them succeed?
Stay true to yourself. I can help them succeed by letting them figure out what drives them.


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