Nicholas Edwards – Inspiring others to be more compassionate to their fellow man.

High School Graduation Series

Nicholas Edwards – Student U Class of 2019 and DreamSTEM Scholar

Nicholas Edwards is a senior at Middle College High School at DTCC and is graduating this May. He will attend North Carolina Central University to pursue Physics.

What is your brilliance?
I like to dance, sing, act, read, and write. What is your vision for the world and Durham?
A world with less hate in it. What is your role in that vision?
To inspire others to be more compassionate to their fellow man. What challenges/obstacles have you or must you overcome on your journey to realizing your vision?
The obstacles I must overcome are the many things in this world that can generate hate, including racism, ignorance, etc. What values guide/drive you on your journey?
The Golden Rule. In the grand scheme of things, why do you believe it is important you succeed?
Because humankind could interact and coexist with each other so much better if there was less time spent on finding reasons to dislike or disregard another person. How has Student U been part of your journey?
Student U has shown me kindness, patience, and support in and outside of the academic world, as well as give me the opportunity to meet people I doubt I shall ever soon forget. What is your plan to achieve your vision? What steps have you already taken and what ones are next?
My plan to achieve my vision is to show and spread love to everyone I can reach/who will receive it. When you succeed how do you hope your life will be different? How will other’s lives be different?
I hope to live in a world where police brutality against people of color ceases, where institutionalized racism is no more, etc. Simply, a world where everyone is treated fairly and has a fair chance at success, aid and overall happiness. What is one piece of advice you would give your younger peers? How will you help them succeed?
Be kind, but be smart, because you never know how one can make a positive impact on your life and you do not want to be around people who will take advantage of your good nature.


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