Student U and Duke University – Early Partnership Highlight

To see the potential of our future, we first need to understand our context and honor our history. As we continue to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, this month we will be highlighting some of our early partnerships.

From Student U’s initial creation in a Duke University class, Duke has provided tremendous support to the organization’s development. Duke’s Program in Education designed much of the Student U curriculum and application process. Professors in the Sanford School of Public Policy built the evaluation framework for Student U, and Duke Master’s and PhD students led the implementation of Student U’s evaluation system for years until Student U hired a full-time Assessment Coordinator. Duke’s Office of Durham and Regional Affairs (DARA) and DukeEngage have provided technical support and financial assistance to Student U. DARA created the Duke-NCCU Unity Teaching Fellows Program to promote collaboration between Duke and NCCU students who work for Student U. President Richard Brodhead and Cindy Brodhead were the proud hosts of a celebration for the families of the Class of 2014 upon students’ graduation from high school. At all levels of the University, Student U has benefited from strong relationships with Duke.

Teachers: 57 current and former Student U teachers are Duke students and alumni.

Staff: 15% of Student U full-time staff members are graduates of Duke.

Financial Support: Duke has provided $168,000 of direct financial support to Student U.

As the largest employer of Durham citizens, Duke plays a significant role in shaping Durham policy. Student U hopes to enhance its partnership with Duke, working together to advocate for a Durham where all students can succeed. Specifically, Student U is interested in working with Duke’s Office of Durham and Regional Affairs to provide technical assistance to its recipients of funding and with Duke’s Program in Education as it considers the creation of a new graduate degree program in Middle School Education.



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