Equity Meets Education

Our Executive Director Alexandra Zagbayou recently gave an interview with Education NC about her thoughts on equity in education. She discusses the importance of supporting our students in the depth of resources needed to be successful through school and once they get out of school. At Student U we try to create an environment where we develop a positive racial identity and ask students how do we journey with you.

“Young people are willing and ready to be engaged. The question is how are we making sure we are putting the right information in front of them and allowing them to play a bigger role in this work feels like an opening we should not undermine.”

She also stresses the necessity of a holistic approach to closing the achievement gap and building ways that schools can work in partnerships outside of education, because those are how we will change the educational outcomes for the students we care about.

Hear more from Alexandra in the interview above or listen to the Equity Meets Education panel to learn more about the organizations in Durham and their strategies in creating educational opportunities for underserved students and families.



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