Student U and Durham Academy – Early Partnership Highlight

To see the potential of our future, we first need to understand our context and honor our history. As we continue to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary, this month we will be highlighting some of our early partnerships.

Durham Academy served as the original fiscal agent for Student U. By managing Student U’s financial accounts, providing organizational insurance, and development support, Durham Academy allowed Student U leaders to focus on building a great program for its students. In addition, Durham Academy was eager to fill its classrooms over the summer, making use of beautiful facilities and generously offering the maintenance, security, and facility support Student U needed. Durham Academy served as the fiscal agent of Student U until 2011 and as the physical home of the organization until 2014. Durham Academy teachers and administrators have invested their time and talent into enriching the Student U community, assisting Student U staff and celebrating Student U students. The partnership Durham Academy has formed with the Durham Public Schools through Student U has become a model for private / public partnerships.

Teachers: 10 former Durham Academy students have served as Student U teachers.

Finances: Durham Academy has provided over $2,500,000 of cash and in-kind support to Student U over the past decade.

In order to create a Durham in which all students can succeed, Durham Academy’s expertise, resources, and talent are necessary. Durham Academy’s recently completed strategic plan calls for increased community connection and active participation. Even with the purchase of the W.G. Pearson Center, Student U plans to continue to operate its Summer Academy on Durham Academy’s campus. Student U and Durham Academy are exploring ways for each entity to learn from the other, enhancing the quality of education both can provide.



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