Meet The Student U Leaders Who Are Transforming Our City

DONATE At Student U, our work is built upon the fearless dream for a Durham where all students succeed. It’s a bold vision that’s going to take all of us to achieve as we dismantle racism and poverty to build a more just and equitable Durham. That’s why we’re launching the Dream Fearlessly campaign until the end of this year. Our goal is to gain 300 new or increased donors this year who share our dream and want to invest in the work we’re doing here. Ready to make a difference? Donate at Watch the video above to get a snapshot of what your gift can accomplish at Student U. Plus, as part of their Dream Fearlessly campaign, happening until the end of 2022, if you make a one-time contribution of $35 or more or sign up for recurring donations of at least $25 per month through their website, you will get this unique ‘Dream Fearlessly’ Student U tote bag.  Tote bag Promo Banner (5)


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