Isabella Cohen – Helping others and building up her community.

High School Graduation Series

Isabella Cohen – Student U Class of 2019

Isabella Cohen is a senior at Jordan High School and is graduating this May. She will attend Western Carolina University to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She plans on using her degree and career to help others and build up her community.

What is your brilliance?
I enjoy singing, helping others, building my community, giving my honest opinion, and being around children whether its drawing, playing games, reading them a book, or singing What is your vision for the world and Durham?
I wish to see the Durham community growing and expressing their opinions respectfully as a community. For the world I wish to see more peace and less violence. What is your role in that vision?
Helping build my community and spreading positivity. What challenges/obstacles have you or must you overcome on your journey to realizing your vision?
I must speak up and whatever comes at me if I get knocked down to just brush it off and get back up. What values guide/drive you on your journey?
My family and my future drives me on this journey. With the support from my family and my own motivation. In the grand scheme of things, why do you believe it is important you succeed?
It is important I succeed to make myself proud and tell myself “wow all of that work really paid off” and to also make my family proud. Who has/is helping you on your journey?
My family and friends How has Student U been part of your journey?
Student U has helped me a lot in my journey by guiding me towards my goals and never letting me give up. Student U has also always kept my dream alive and they have never said no you can’t do this. What is your plan to achieve your vision? What steps have you already taken and what ones are next?
I have spoken up and I have expressed my opinions politely and without bias. When you succeed how do you hope your life will be different? How will other’s lives be different?
I hope my life will be “easy” meaning money won’t be an issue and that I can provide for my parents and others. Other’s lives will be different because as a BSN major I will be helping a lot of lives and saving them. What is one piece of advice you would give your younger peers? How will you help them succeed?
If you have an opportunity to make a difference whether that is in school or to help your community take it!



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