Dream Maker’s Recap

November 15, 2012

A rainy and cold November night proved to be a magical evening for our Dreamers and our Dream Makers.  Student U celebrated with our students and supporters at The Cookery for an evening of great food and great company. The atmosphere was glowing with Student U spirit as donors, partners, board members, staff, students and teachers spent the evening connecting.  Dan Kimberg, our Executive Director, spoke about how although we must celebrate this moment, we need to remain focused on the work we have ahead of us to reach our ultimate goal.

Dan said, “There are still miles to go before we truly realize our crazy dream, before we truly beat the statistics.  Now we can turn our attention not to the dream of building an organization, but the dreams of our students which are still yet to be realized.  It is time to focus on Maritzelena’s dream to become a criminologist, on Marcus’s dream to become an architect, on Niadeque’s dream to become an OBGYN, on Daniel’s dream to become a screen writer.  It is now time to focus on the still unrealized dream of our 285 brilliant students.”

72 Dreamers and Dream Makers packed The Cookery for the annual donor appreciation event. Guests were serenaded by multiple musical performances. Student U student Logan Benton ’14 and friend of Student U, Daniel Salo played jazz piano and Student U Middle School Teacher, DeShaun Gordon-King played the flute.

Thank you to all of our Dreamers and all of the Dream Makers!

A special thanks to Durham Catering Company for generously contributing a delicious meal.


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