Fall Festival

By Ms. Lauren (7th Grade Teacher)

Each week I have a chance to see a small sliver of Student U during tutoring sessions.  The joy of Community Day, however, is unmatched outside of our summer program.  I literally count down the hours every month in anticipation of the event.

The most recent Community Day met on a brisk October morning that threatened rain but did not keep the Student U spirit from shining. Teachers and students gathered in Taylor Hall connecting with friends from different schools, sharing summer stories and school year successes.  After coming together as a full middle school community, Ms. Bettina sent students by grade to three stations for our Fall Festival.

My seventh grade students and teachers went first to make chocolate covered apples, which was quite a treat for ten o’clock in the morning.   Then we all made a “dream leaf” with our fearlessly dreams written for all to see.  Later, the leaves from every student and teacher present will become a paper tree in the Student U office. Our last station was pumpkin carving. Groups of four students and one teacher picked a pumpkin, scooped out the goop and designed a creative carving. The pumpkins were filled with the brilliance we have come to expect from our students! From funny faces, to representations of Student U’s core values, the pumpkins were unique and creative.

As the day drew to a close, students and teachers hugged goodbye and began the countdown until the next Community Day (now only 8 days away).  Next Saturday all middle school students, teachers, and parents will gather for a Thanksgiving Potluck and share their appreciation for one another and the Student U community.

Community Days are little glimpses of the goodness of Student U – a place where we are all supporting each other every day to dream fearlessly and discover our best selves!


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