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Alyzia unlocked her leadership potential at Student U and is now transforming Durham and the state to build a better future for our youth. She graduated with the inaugural class of Student U high school graduates in 2014 and from ECU in 2017. She is now currently serving as a Student U Board Member and works at North Carolina Integrated Care for Kids (NC InCK) directing youth leadership initiatives across 5 counties. Check out Alyzia’s story above to learn what kind of difference she is making in our community.

Alyzia’s story is just one of the hundreds of students that make up the Student U community every year, where success comes from letting our values lead-values like Share your Brilliance, Dream Fearlessly, Respect Yourself and Others, Energize your Community, Achieve Greatness, and Discover your Best Self-then letting strategic, evidence-based interventions transform potential into success. 

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Meet One Of Our Leaders Transforming Our City

Alyzia McAlmon


“I had a very fortunate experience growing up in Durham and going through Durham Public Schools. As a student at Student U, I had a lot of arms and love around me and many forms of support… My experience was different from many others; I had the push that I needed to succeed and go down a path that was less traveled. I’m very appreciative and grateful for all the personal support I received at Student U. 

Student U has been a strong influence in a lot of the things I’ve chosen to do as an individual, professionally, and academically. Student U has encouraged me to step out of the box and lead in ways that I never saw myself leading before. I just hope that I can be an example to my peers and to younger students that anything is possible and to really take advantage of the impact that Student U can have for you.

My dream is for Durham to pilot and lead initiatives around youth engagement, empowerment, and leadership. By creating opportunities for Durham’s students to speak up, be heard, and use their voices, they can encourage and amplify other youth across the state and the country to do the same. Student U is going to be a big part of making that happen. It is vital for our community members to join hands and support Student U through investing our treasure, time, and energy into this program, in hopes that this program will encourage other programs in the community, the state, and the world.”


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