Elliot’s and Taryn’s Stories


As we celebrate the bounty of fall, we also look back with gratitude on the brilliant students that make the Student U community such an empowering, joyful place. We want to introduce you to just two of hundreds of inspiring Student U students from this year. Watch the video above to learn more about Elliot’s and Taryn’s stories.

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I’m Elliott, an 11th grader at Student U. I want to be an aerospace engineer and use science to solve problems. I come from a family that hasn’t had a lot of resources, and I will eventually be a first-generation college student. I also have a little brother, so I hope to make it through the process-and I know I will with Student U helping me. I hope to inspire my brother to also make it through college. That might not change the world, but it will change my immediate world. 

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I’m Taryn! I have been at Student U since I was a rising 6th grader and I’m now in 10th grade. Student U has already helped me so much by educating me… on things that I didn’t know. When I first came to Student U, I was in all the regular classes. Because of Student U, I got into a higher math class, which has continued until now, and I am learning so much. Student U has definitely helped me find more confidence in myself… The teachers are just so supportive in helping me find confidence and discovering my inner abilities. Last summer, I learned a lot about myself and my identity through my Black Studies class here at Student U. It’s helped me answer a lot of questions, and now that I know more about myself and my people and where we come from, I’m better able to educate other people about race and the Black identity and dismantle stereotypes. 


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