Untokening Durham 2019

October 5-6, 2019 at The W.G. Pearson Center.

The Untokening is a multiracial collective that centers the lived experiences of marginalized communities to address mobility justice and equity. Each year, we host a national convening that creates space to focus on the personal and interpersonal work it takes to be Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in mobility advocacy, planning, and policy spaces. While this is a national gathering, we center and elevate the expertise of mobility leaders and the challenges and issues within the local host community.

Mobility – To be free to move in all the ways that serve us.

Safety – Not just to be free from harm, but to be nourished.

Abundance – Leaning into our present moment and future to honor our value and brilliance.

This year the conference will span two days for the first time, offering sessions with technical expertise, opportunities to build our networks and movements, and healing practices for those in the work of mobility justice.  Mobility justice demands that “safety” and equitable mobility address not only the construction of our streets but the socioeconomic, cultural, and discriminatory barriers to access and comfort different communities experience within public spaces.

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