Super Izzy: The Power of Belief

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be? What would you do? Why?”

Izeria H., a seventh grader here at Student U, was asked to respond to this question last week in her Language Arts class.  A question that is often asked in ice-breakers, in group meetings, in meeting new people, we’ve all heard many similar responses to it before: I want to be invisible!  I want to read minds!  I want to fly!  Our inclination is to imagine ourselves in a world where things are limitless and boundaries do not exist – a world that we often deem “impossible.”  Izzy, too, believes in a world where things are limitless and boundaries do not exist – but Izzy’s world is possible.

As you move forward into this week, I hope you reflect on Izzy’s insightful words and join in her fearless dream of a world where we each see and acknowledge the superpowers that already exist in each of us.

My Superpower
By Izeria H.
My superpower would be the power of love. Just Kidding! I want to have the power of belief! HEROIC MUSIC! Ok. I want to be able to show kids to believe in their self. It may stop some bullying. Maybe people would be treated as equals. Whenever I see a kid being depressed because of _____, I will give them the power of belief. It even works on bullies. Maybe then People will have world Peace.

I want to eliminate all hatred but I know that’s not possible. Everyone has something that we “Hate”. It’s all a part of the world. It’s like a necessity to the human body. But when we can control it, you can say Super Izzy did it.  

I want to be able to live in a world where we’re not afraid to speak up. I want everyone to know that speaking up doesn’t mean we have to speak with words of hate and disrespect. Just because you were born in an unlivable environment doesn’t mean we have to act such as those who also live in such places. What you believe makes you human. I want you to believe that you are someone not something. I want you to know that no one is like you. I don’t care if you have a quadruplet. You have no one like you. You’re someone with a heart. You’re a blank canvas ready to be drawn on. What’s the big picture?


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