Monica Duran Castillo

Student U Bilingual Administrative Assistant

Monica Duran Castillo
Monica Duran Castillo

Monica's Why:

I support Student U because I enjoy interacting with new people and I love to assist families. I like the atmosphere and how things are run here. I respect the team members as well; despite the various struggles we all face, we all maintain a positive attitude.

Monica outside of Student U:

Although I don’t participate in any sports, I love watching them all, especially volleyball. Watching anime, my boyfriend taking me out and buying me things are some of my hobbies (I spoil him too, no worries) . I appreciate various types of music, but mostly city pop from the 1980s in Japan and Kpop. Studying, finishing up my classes, and preparing for the big thing are my side hustles.

Advice Monica finds valuable:

Have confidence and to always stay strong no matter what battles you fight outside of work. Smile, today could be your last day. 


Alamance Community College

Student U start date:

July 2023

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