The Power In Words

I looked up the definition of communication, and Google dictionary defined it as the “imparting or exchanging of information or news.”  A significant challenge I perceive lies in the necessity for a more genuine exchange and sharing of information, as opposed to the one-sided “grandstanding” that often occurs when individuals or groups remain entrenched in their viewpoints.

Education acts as a unifying force among students, carrying with it the expectation of equal access to free and public education. Effective communication entails motivating individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their backgrounds. Our commitment to advocating for a just and equitable education for all remains steadfast, as we consistently emphasize the importance of this cause.

Nevertheless, access to education is not evenly distributed, and marginalized populations often receive disparate levels of educational quality. Communication is paramount toke a difference in education collectively ma. This involves not only speaking but also actively listening to one another, with the ultimate goal of prioritizing the best interests of students.

While our stakeholders share a unified vision of a thriving Durham where every student flourishes, our diverse backgrounds and experiences lend themselves to varied perspectives on achieving this goal. Events like our State of Student U gathering in March are invaluable platforms for fostering dialogue and understanding. Here, we can come together, listen attentively, and integrate diverse viewpoints into our strategies and approaches moving forward.

Student U is incredibly fortunate to boast a team that not only possesses immense talent but also exhibits a deliberate commitment to co-creating a positive work culture. I’ve emphasized to our team members that this aspect truly sets us apart, allowing us to look forward to each day at work genuinely. The issues of inequity and injustice that we confront are far from pretty or pleasant. However, our intentional culture makes it easier to engage in open dialogue about these pressing matters. It’s impossible to address issues that remain unspoken, a truth that holds for our staff, parents, students, as well as our donors and supporters.

Our donors deserve special recognition for their phenomenal contributions. Not only do they provide us with financial support, but they also actively participate in our events, share their talents and gifts and utilize their voices to shine a light on the systemic inequities and injustices faced by our students, families, and communities. With them, we can authentically share information, combining boldness with kindness in our approach.

I’ve been fortunate to engage in discussions about equitable education access with diverse groups, highlighting its importance. While marginalized communities often relate to shared experiences of educational disparities, connecting with those with smoother paths can pose a challenge. Effective communication entails inspiring everyone, regardless of background, to champion fair education. As spring brightens North Carolina, consider sharing a coffee or a stroll with someone of differing perspectives. Exchange educational experiences; you may uncover common ground or, at the very least, recognize the impact of education quality on life.

~ Michelle Price, Executive Director


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