Luke Carman

Luke's primary responsibility is to supervise our Community School Coordinators at four schools across Central North Carolina. Luke is also responsible for building relationships with schools, districts, and other partners to support the implementation of the Full Service Community School model.

Luke Carman, PhD

Student U Director of Community School Partnerships

Luke's Why:

I am deeply committed to supporting more just and liberatory schools for students in Durham and across North Carolina. Public education has been a site of struggle and liberation for as long as schools have existed, and in Durham I love that Student U lives it values in how it works with students and families, how it trains educators, and how it imagines a future for schooling that is better than the one that exists now. I work at Student U because it is this community of educators, thinkers, students, parents, and leaders, that is committed to enacting more equitable education.

Luke outside of Student U:

I’m originally from Rochester, NY, and a proud product of the Rochester City School District. When I’m not at Student U, I’m a total teacher education nerd, and I keep a hand in the teacher education world, by teaching methods classes to future teachers  in an adjunct capacity. Outside of working and learning in schools, I find the most joy (and have made the most friends) playing and watching soccer. I’m a big sports fan, and particularly love Tottenham Hotspur and the Chicago White Sox, in good times and bad. I most love getting to spend time with my family, and exploring new parts of North Carolina –parks, bakeries, museums, hikes– with them!

Advice Luke finds valuable:

“Institutions, work, systems, even schools, will not love you back, no matter how much you love them. It is the people within those places that will love you back, and the community you find in those places that matters.” 


University of Chicago
North Carolina State University

Proud Accomplishments:

Outstanding Dissertation Award, STEM Education Department, NC State University, 2023 – 2024.

I’m extremely proud of the breadth of coaching experiences I’ve had: I’ve supervised and mentored 30 preservice teachers during their student teaching, across schools in 5 districts in North Carolina and in Chicago. Doing this supervision was the highlight of my work while earning a PhD.

Course of study:

BA in Sociology, University of Chicago, 2009
MAT in Elementary Education (endorsements in middle school mathematics, social studies, and MLL), University of Chicago, 2011
PhD in Mathematics Education (focus on teacher learning and teacher education), STEM Education Department, North Carolina State University, 2024

Student U start date:

Director of Community School Partnerships | April 2024

July 2017

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