Kris Abrams

Student U Communications Coordinator

Kris' Why:

I choose to work at Student U because I am deeply committed to promoting equity in education and ensuring that all students have access to the opportunities they need to succeed. Growing up, I faced challenges in my academic journey and often lacked the support and resources necessary to thrive. The reality of those experiences fuels my passion for doing this work.

At Student U, I have the chance to contribute to a community that shares my values and dedication to equity, and by working here, I can get to use my skills in storytelling to advocate and help ensure that our students receive the support and resources they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Kris outside of Student U:

Outside of Student U, I immerse myself in various creative and recreational pursuits. As a passionate crafter and artist, I spend much of my free time working on a wide arrange of different projects, finding joy and fulfillment in creating unique pieces. I also have a deep love for nature, often venturing outdoors to explore.

My curiosity drives me to constantly discover new interests and dive into new hobbies. One of my favorite pastimes is exploring obscure sports. The constant blend of artistic expression, outdoor adventures, and diverse hobbies enriches my life and keeps me inspired both personally and professionally.

Advice Kris finds valuable:

“I believe that the true power of change through storytelling is to authentically listen to the words and stories of those most involved – especially the voices that aren’t normally listened to, heard, or are too afraid to speak up.”


Appalachian State University

Course of study:

Bachelor of Science in Criminology | Bachelor of Science in Pre-Professional Legal Studies

Student U start date:

November 2023

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