Keren Sosa

Student U Tutoring and Volunteer Coordinator

Keren Sosa

Keren's Why:

I believe that all students have unique backgrounds and experiences that impact their daily lives and educational journeys. I invest in Student U because it acknowledges the many intersections of our students and their families and works alongside them to address each and all of their needs. I am also the result of organizations and people such as Student U and its staff, who once believed in my potential and inspired me to work in the education and nonprofit field. Through my work at Student U, I hope to provide students with the same academic and emotional support that I was once provided.

Keren outside of Student U:

Outside of Student U, I spend most of my time with my family or watching K-Dramas– my biggest guilty pleasure. You will most likely find me drinking a classic vanilla latte. I have a sweet tooth and will never say no to chocolate. I love trying new foods, collecting stationery, dancing, and listening to music. My little weekly tradition is listening to new music on Fridays to add to my very random playlist!

Other Organizations Keren is involved with:

I am a Project Fellow at El Pueblo, Inc. and Storyteller at UndocuCarolina. I am also an alumna of the Bonner Foundation, an organization that has greatly shaped and guided my work at Student U.

Advice Keren finds valuable:

You can’t pour from an empty cup! We can’t take care of our students without taking care of ourselves first.


Guilford College

Course of study:

B.S. in Community and Justice Studies

Student U start date:

September 2022 (I was also a Summer Academy intern in 2019!)

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