Connor's primary responsibility is to tell the story of Student U to investors and community members to make the work of Student U possible.

Connor Kirkpatrick

Student U Development Director

Connor's Why:

As a guiding principle, I believe that young people are assets to our communities with the capacity to contribute to real-world issues. I strongly believe in youth voice and authenticity. Our students are capable of AMAZING things and I am proud to lift up their narratives as they grow into their immense potential. There are very few organizations that serve youth that also include young people in decision-making processes, and Student U does this well and it feels really special to work at a place that cares so much about its students and families.

Connor outside of Student U:

It is SO important to me to live with joy and laughter! I laugh a lot. When not working at Student U, you can find me reading, going on an occasional run, or watching TikToks. Ask me to break down a dance move if you’re brave and want to have an impromptu dance battle.

Advice Connor finds valuable:

Be present. Stay engaged. Speak from your heart. Listen generously. Experience discomfort. Grow often.

Other organizations Connor is involved with:

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and Shining Hope Farms


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Course of study:

English and Nonprofit Leadership and Management

Student U start date:

September 2019 

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