Brandy's primary responsibility is to support the Student U community's voice by sharing their stories in order to grow awareness and understanding about our brilliant community members and the work they are doing to build a more equitable Durham.

Brandy Luce

Director of Marketing and Storytelling

Brandy's Why:

I believe that everyone is deserving of love and support and is necessary to reach our fullest potential. As a first-generation college student, I know that we can do so much better for our children and communities. As someone driven by fairness our current educational systems are unacceptable as they consistently unjust. I am inspired everyday by the amazing things children can accomplish with the support of an entire community. These are the reasons why I push my personal boundaries, why I work with urgency, and why I believe change is possible.

Brandy outside of Student U:

Outside of Student U I spend my time playing and laughing with my husband and children. I also enjoy activities that let me explore my creative side, such as dancing, painting, music, or crafting.

Advice Brandy finds valuable:

Love, Listen, & Leap.

Love unifies us and it renews more and more love as we spend it. Listen to understand the thoughts and feelings people are trying to express and the value and contribution others can offer. It allows us all to move forward with greater impact. Leap to bring myself and others to new levels. Courageously leap from the known to the unknown; leap into the future now.


University of Nebraska at Kearney and N.C. State University

Course of study:

Visual Communications and Design and Masters in Graphic Design

Student U start date:

November 1, 2016

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