Ashley's primary responsibility is to work with staff, students and families to create and implement a pipeline of programming and supports to promote mental health and social/emotional wellness for our community.

Ashley Peters

Director of Student and Family Support Services

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Ashley's Why:

I believe that it is our privilege to give and receive love. We are able to serve our families and our communities when we prioritize self-compassion and self-love. I believe in the power of human connection to foster individual and community healing. Student U deeply invests in the humans in our community, and in so many ways, communicates that all those in our community are worthy and deserving of love and purpose.

Ashley outside of Student U:

When I am not at Student U, I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, and dog Murphy. You can find us playing outdoors, connecting with friends and extended family, cooking and enjoying food together.

Advice Ashley finds valuable:

The best advice comes from students. Recently, a student said some version of “Chill Ms. Ashley, it’s all going to work out okay”. Brilliant.


UNC-Chapel Hill

Course of study:

Master in Social Work and B.A. in Psychology and Communication Studies

Student U start date:

July 2019 (though I began working at Student U as a teacher in 2008!)

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