Alex Turner

Student U Director of Academic Support

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Alex's Why:

I believe every human is born with deep inherent dignity and purpose, and I believe all of us have a responsibility to work towards a world in which every person is able to live freely into the fullest, most vibrant version of themselves. I love working at Student U because I know this community is committed to building a just and equitable world where all people are seen, valued, and thriving.

Alex outside of Student U:

These days, most of my time is spent raising two tiny, hilarious humans of my own with my husband and our very large dog, Moose. I am happiest holding a giant cup of coffee (necessary, given the two kids) and sitting with the people I love. When I have free time, I love reading (anything and everything!), going to concerts, and trying new recipes.

Advice Alex finds valuable:

Instructions for living a life:
“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”
-Mary Oliver


UNC-Chapel Hill

Course of study:

BA in Elementary Education and Masters in Special Education

Student U start date:

August 2013

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