Student U 2023 Open House

High School- Open House (August 31st):
We look forward to seeing you all at Student U’s High School Open House on Thursday August 31st! It will be a free float to gain information about all the exciting things we have to offer our families and students this fall, as well as a chance to connect with your HS advocate, academic coaches and seniors advisors! This is a mandatory event for students! Dinner will be provided!

Middle School- YRP Open House (September 7th): 
We are having our in person YRP open house on September 7 from 5:30-6:30, At the WG Pearson Center (1200 Spaulding St Durham, NC 27701). During open house you will get the chance to meet your students advocate who they will be working this school year. You will receive bus numbers for DPS buses that will bring students from school to Student U. Also learn the new changes that we have made to YRP programming. We look forward to seeing you all and the start to a great year.


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