Meet Derrick Beasley – Student U College Success Coordinator, Durham Native, artist, and public servant

BeasleyPhoto by Chris Charles

Derrick Beasley, Student U College Success Coordinator, works tirelessly to bring about equity in Durham. In addition to his role at Student U he is 1 of 4 cofounders of the collective Black August in the Park, a Black Genius Brand Ambassador for Village of Wisdom, and serves on the City of Durham’s open space and trails commission. We are lucky to have such a brilliant and dedicated person on our team. Learn more about Derrick and Durham in the Love & Concern: The Tale of Two Bull Cities.

“I want to see Durham shift from trying to attract cool people and companies from all over the country and world and really invest in making the city dope for everyone who is already here. To me, this is what could elevate Durham beyond the other “progressive” cities it so often gets compared to. We need more infrastructure to make the new Durham accessible. Progressive; left of center; liberal isn’t good enough. Durham needs to be revolutionary.”

Hear more about what Derrick has to say about the Bull City, as well as 100 other Durhamites in the newly released mini-book, “Welcome to the Bull City – A Prelude to The Bulls of Durham.”



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