Emma Harbaugh


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Emma’s Story
Emma Harbaugh taught on team 6C at Student U Summer Academy in 2011. During her summer at Student U, she quickly learned how much she loved working with students and teaching math. Following her college graduation, she moved to DC for a teaching opportunity.  After several years of teaching math and coaching other math teachers, she is now transitioning into her new role as an Assistant Principal at DC Prep Benning Middle.

“I credit that experience for getting me into education. After teaching for many years, I am now an assistant principal at a school in DC! I will be forever grateful for my year working at Student U. During my summer, Dan told the story about the cow at the county fair. How all the people had to guess the weight and not a single person guessed correctly. But when the guesses were all averaged it calculated to the exact weight of the cow. I still have my piece of that paper cow framed in my home. Reminds me of that summer and the importance of community. When I saw your email about supporting through a virtual summer program, I knew I had to support it. The work you all continue to do is so valuable!”  – Emma Harbaugh


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