Danielle’s Story

Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans just graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill this spring with a degree in Management and Society. She is a first-generation college graduate who joined Student U as a shy sixth-grader in 2010 and has grown into a confident professional as the Student U Grant Administration Intern, where she works on our finances and human resources team. Through this position, she has found her passion for helping others and is now looking for more professional experience in human resources before applying to graduate school.  Her ultimate goal is to lift up her community through her work in Non-Profit and Human Resources Management.    

Throughout her journey at Student U Danielle has built close friendships with her peers and strong bonds with our staff and found her passion for helping others feel confident in themselves and their visions.  

“Student U has always been a place where I can go and gain advice or feel like I was a kid again. It has helped me realize the career I wanted to go into and that I want to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Non-Profit and Human Resources Management.”

Danielle graduated high school in 2017 and attended UNC-Chapel Hill that fall. She began her college journey going into business, but soon felt unsatisfied and struggled her first year of college to find her path. As part of the Student U College Promise Program, Danielle was partnered with a mentor, an older Student U student at UNC, Niadiquay Everette. Niadiquay helped Danielle stay on track and was such a sound support system for her that Danielle was inspired to become a Student U Leadership Fellow herself to mentor incoming Student U first-year college students. Danielle used her guiding values of compassion, knowledge, and growth to learn the stories of her mentees and support them in navigating the college system.

“I hope to feel like I’ve left an impact on others. I want others to feel like they can accomplish anything and that they feel confident enough in themselves and their community to put the work in and know that there will always be someone rooting for their success.”

Danielle is destined to change the world and her advice for her younger peers is to “Change the world by being yourself. There’s no need to try and follow someone else’s path because that can leave you feeling discouraged but find ways to impact the world and your community by being who you truly are.”


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