Black Genius Breakthru Experience

Calling all Black Genius Protectors! Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of Black children? Do you know what education should look like for Black students, but just don’t know where to start? Carving out the time and space to plan our liberation can be challenging at best and building a community to do it with can be even harder! Well, we’ve got you covered. Village of Wisdom is a living community of dreamers, believers, and freedom keepers. We actively work towards the liberation of our people and are seeking fellow Black Genius Protectors to join our village! We want to help you find your Tribe. The Black Genius Breakthrough Experience (BGBTE) is the first stop in the RITES Black Genius Activation Portal. Save the dates for May 1 – May 2 for this transformative, community-finding experience. Seating will be limited. Reserve your spot by pre-registering here! Please contact Taylor Webber-Fields at for more information.



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