Tasia Bromell


Tasia Bromell is a Meredith College Graduate! She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship.

It means that I accomplished something that everyone doesn’t get to accomplish. I was able to defy the odds and achieve my dreams, and that I can continue to do this in the future.

I have always been an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion especially towards people with disabilities. Therefore, I will make things better in Durham through my research and advocacy for disability inclusion in the hiring process for workplace organizations.

MBA Student at Meredith, University Programs Intern at RingCentral

There have been many people in Student U that have helped me through my academic journey. Mr. Kimberg, Ms. Z, Ms.Michelle are some that stick out. But, Student U as a whole has helped my confidence in my ability to actually achieve my dreams and shoot for the stars.

President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Vice President of SHRM, Secretary of Broyhill Business Fellowship, Silver Shield Leadership Honors Society, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Sigma Delta Pi Honors Society, Honors Student, Top 10 Senior at Meredith, Human Resources Top Student of the Year, Received a Strong Strong and Strong Video


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