Moments – We Are College-Bound

by Holly Guss, Student U College Advisor
We are 10 days away from College Signing Day.  10 days.  So close.  This day is perhaps the biggest celebration of the year for the Student U community.  On this day, we will witness the Class of 2015 declare to the world where they will share their brilliance in college next year.  On this day, we will share in the joy of our students and families who have committed the last seven years of their lives to arriving at this place.  On this day, we will see the fearless dreams of this community become a reality in the faces of our next class of college students.  We are so close.

Or are we?  10 days, put another way, is 864,000 seconds.  We are still 854,000 seconds away from College Signing Day.  Doesn’t seem so close, does it?  As important and grand a celebration as College Signing Day will be, this day is really a culmination of millions of smaller moments.  Although it’s human nature to proclaim the major accomplishments and to recognize the important milestones, College Signing Day is also a celebration of all of the little moments that brought us to this day.

On this day, we will celebrate all of the Tuesday evenings that Jannet and Jairo spent at tutoring to become the best students they could be.  On this day, we will recognize all of the hours that Alston and Stephanie practiced to be able to give their all to their teams.  On this day, we will honor all of the revisions that Sara and Angel made to their artistic creations so that the world could become a more beautiful place.  On this day, we will remember all of the times that Ms. Clay and Ms. Bryant reminded Couraunya and Marcus to never give up and that college was possible for them.  On this day, we will recall all of the ways that Ms. Johnson and Ms. Hernandez pushed Ariana and Fabian to get involved and to find their passion.  On this day, we will celebrate each and every moment that has brought the Class of 2015 to this amazing occasion.

So as we come together as a community to celebrate this important day, I ask you to also allow College Signing Day to serve as a reminder of the importance of moments – for it is in the small and seemingly inconsequential moments that we have the power to create what we will eventually celebrate.    As Rose Kennedy, mother of John F. Kennedy once wrote, “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”  We ask that you join us for College Signing Day on Sunday, May 17th at 4pm at the Carolina Theater so that as a community, we can celebrate all of the moments that have been a part of the journey of the Class of 2015.


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