Michel Lopez


Michel Lopez is a High School Senior in the Class of 2020 and is graduating this spring. He dreams of making his community a better place by rebuilding and restoring houses and buildings. Michel plans to own an architecture firm, while supporting construction workers so they can be financially stable. He hopes to collaborate with his family’s construction business, while becoming an entrepreneur himself. When asked why this dream is important to him, Michel replied, “It’s important for me to succeed because I believe that I have so much potential for my future to make any change. I also want to give back to my family who has done so much for me.”

Michel acknowledged he has much to learn about what it takes to own a business and understand construction, but he also knows he has the courage to pursue his dreams regardless. Michel is known for his outgoing personality, and is ready to make connections along the way. He already has the support of his teachers, family, and Student U to help him on his journey to greatness. 

Michel shared this about how Student U has supported him so far:

“Student U has been there to help me discover my better self and be able to communicate with the whole Durham community. They have changed my whole view of the world and opened my eyes to more colleges and universities. They helped me to understand that you are never alone and you have support 24/7.”

Michel hopes that once he graduates college and starts his business, he will be able to have a stable financial support system to help out his family and the people who have supported him in his journey to ensure they succeed as well.

His advice to the next generation is short, clear, and empowering: “Never doubt yourself in what you can or cannot do. Always keep pushing and always think positive.”

Find out where Michel has chosen to go to college on Monday, June 1, at 10:00 am on Facebook Live @StudentUDurham.


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