Jesus Flores


Jesus Flores is a High School Senior and is graduating this spring as part of the Class of 2020. He dreams of Durham as a kind of Utopia: A place where we can all come together as a city to create change. Jesus hopes to collaborate with his peers to help improve his community. Like many students graduating, he is still discovering what he wants to do after college and who he wants to become, but what he does know is he wants to be an organizer of change. He plans to graduate High School and attend a university to explore his interests, and he is currently considering paths to obtain an MBA. He hopes to one day be able to work for himself and support his father in creating a business as well.

Jesus wants to better himself and hopefully influence those around him to do the same. He has already invested in himself and his future with the goal for himself and his family to be financially stable after college. Affirming his desire to support those around him, Jesus declared, “When I succeed, my family will be proud of me, I’ll be proud of myself, and I’ll continue to help further my family financially and emotionally.”

He has the support of this family, close friends, and Student U on his journey to discovering his best self. Jesus shared that, “Student U has laid the trails that I walk on, and helped me stay on this path every step of the way. My mom and dad are pushing me to be the man I’m destined to be, and I do not count that lightly.”

When asked what advice Jesus would give the next generation of scholars, Jesus replied, “Change is inevitable. Don’t be afraid of it, but ask for help if you need it, no matter the plight.”

Find out where Jesus has chosen to go to college on Monday, June 1, at 10:00 am on Facebook Live @StudentUDurham.


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