High School Summer Highlights

With three classes of Student U students entering high school this year, the high school program has quickly grown to match the size of the middle school program.  With the motto “We are college bound,”  this summer students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of opportunities including the Summer Academy, SAT prep class, out of state college tours and the internship program.  All facets were geared towards preparing students to be successful in high school and beyond. Below find highlights from each program!

Summer Academy: This summer we piloted our first Summer Academy for high school freshmen and sophomores, designed to provide students with the organization, test taking, and study skills necessary to thrive academically. All students enrolled in English, Science, Math, and Civics in addition to a Peer Education and Leadership class.   Students in Freshman English participated in poetry workshops with Kane Smego of Sacrificial poets and had the opportunity to perform at an Open Mic at Fly Leaf in front of a packed house. 10th grade Biology students completed full lab reports and ended their summer with a Socratic Seminar focused on genetic testing.  We are confident our students are ready for a great year in high school.

College Tours: Student U hosted 3 different college tours for our 9th through 11th grade students. Students traveled to Georgia, Washington D.C and Tennessee to visit colleges. Freshman toured UNC-Charlotte, UGA, Morehouse, Spelman and Emory. Sophomores toured Virginia Common Wealth University, University of Richmond, Georgetown and the University of Maryland. Juniors toured Appalachian State, Western University, The University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Fisk, and Meharry Medical College. In addition to visiting colleges, students also explored new cities, spending time at the D.C Zoo, the Atlanta Aquarium, the Bellnead Plantation and playing music in the Country Hall of Fame and studio where Elvis recorded his hits.

SAT Prep Course: Student U offered free SAT prep courses for all of our rising juniors. Students signed up for a one week sessions and were in class for six hours a day! Though intellectually demanding and at times exhausting, all students agreed that the class was valuable. Students were provided with a multitude of tips to master the SAT, as well as a review book to take home for continued practice.

Internship Program: 23 of our rising juniors volunteered over 5,200 hours of service in the Durham community this summer. Their placements ranged from working at Student U as teacher assistants, communication interns and Grade Head assistants, to volunteering at KidzNotes, Durham Catering Company and the NCCU Gardening camp for displaced students. Student participants who volunteered over a 100 hours will receive the Mayor’s Award for their service.

In less than two years, Student U’s oldest students will graduate from high school and enroll in college!  We are so proud of our students and their continued commitment to their education!


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