Generally Helpful Information // Información Generalmente Útil

*CWS Durham has emergency funds for families affected by immigration detention and deportation

*NC Works to find career centers and job opportunities

*NC 2-1-1, a statewide United Way-funded hotline that serves as an information and referral service system for people in need, will continue to support callers needing access to health and human services resources such as food, financial assistance, and other basic needs throughout this time period. This service is free, confidential, and available in many languages 24/7, 365 days a year. Additional information is also available at

*Utilities will not be disconnected during this time due to late payment, and customers will have at least 6 months to repay any outstanding bills and utility companies are prohibited from collecting fees, penalties or interest for late payment.

*Apply for SNAP, Federal Food Assistance,NC Emergency Benefits. Families will receive $250 in P-EBT(Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer) benefits per child, provided in two installments, for students eligible for free/reduced lunch program.

*Unemployment – here are the steps for filing for unemployment benefits in North Carolina:

  • Create an account at
  • File a claim for unemployment with your SSN, most recent employment, pay, 2 years of work history, bank account and routing numbers.
  • Complete weekly certifications.
  • Check your claim status online.
  • First payments take approximately 2 weeks.
  • You must have made at least $5,818.50 prior to filing to be eligible for unemployment. 

*Solidarity Loan available through Latino Credit Union



  • Crea una cuenta en
  • Presente un reclamo para desempleo con su SSN (número de seguro social), empleo más reciente, salario, 2 años de historial laboral, cuenta bancaria y números de ruta.
  • Completa certificaciones semanales 
  • Revise el estado de su reclamo en línea 
  • Los primeros pagos llegan en aproximadamente 2 semanas
  • Debe haber hecho al menos $5,818.50 antes de presentar la solicitud para ser elegible para el desempleo

*MAF tiene un fundo para familias inmigrantes


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