#GivingTuesdayNow Donors

Giving Tuesday Now

We are so grateful for the people who support us financially and help us empower and equip students, families, and educators. Student U supporters are people just like you, changing their communities.

Thank You #GivingTuesdayNow Donors

Thank you to our supporters for our #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser, a special one-day philanthropic effort on May 5, 2020! Because of their support, we were able to raise an incredible $24,070 in just 24 hours! Thanks to a generous matching grant, we raised $19,070 over our goal of $5,000!

Alison Brigham, Lynn Britt, Lisa Brown, Anthony Clay, Francis Dela Cruz, Snehal Deshmukh, Deborah Dobbins, Anya Dombrovskaya, Jim Gudaitis, Katherine Hagan, Gladys Hairston, Courtney Hamilton, Lonna and Richard Harkrader, Tim Harvey, Treat Harvey, Connor Kirkpatrick, Mary Mathew, Radhika Deshmukh-McDiarmid, Kate McDiarmid, David Michelman, Rachel Morales, Mary Mountcastle, Emily Oliver, Flo Reaves, Walt Rouse, Susan Sewell, Logan Smeallie, Sara Terry, Jim Tobin, Mark Trustin and Marcia Angle, Harris Wang, Lauren and Jim Whitehurst, and Aimee Wynhausen.


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