A New Chapter Begins…

When we are together as a community, we can change the world. Unfortunately, we are rarely in the same place outside of six weeks during the summer.

As an organization, we strive to develop and provide the best quality programming for our students. Over the past year, we analyzed our Middle School Year-Round Program and determined that changes were necessary to meet our high expectations.

I am excited to announce that beginning in September, Student U will provide daily after-school programming in one centralized location. Although there are some details still to be worked out, here is what we can now share:

Who: Alex Lowe will join Student U’s full time staff on August 1st, leading this initiative as our new Middle School Program Coordinator. Over the past three years, Alex has been an amazing leader within the Student U community. As a sixth grade English teacher and Family Head and the current Grade Head for the 8th Grade, Alex has proven that she has the passion, the skill set, and the determination necessary to build and oversee this program. Alex will be leaving Sandy Ridge Elementary School where she served as an amazing teacher for two years.

Programming will be provided for our middle school students, although there will be opportunities for involvement for high school students. In addition to Alex Lowe, this new initiative will be staffed by a combination of our college-age teachers, community volunteers, and educational specialists.

What: Students will participate in academic and enrichment clubs, with a focus on developing the skills and inspiration necessary to live out our mission, graduate from college, and change the world. In addition to these daily clubs, students who are in need of additional academic support will work with reading and math specialists. Each week will culminate in athletic intramurals.

Where: Student U’s after-school programming will be located at WG Pearson Middle School. Pearson will only serve 8th grade students next year and therefore Student U will have full access to a significant portion of the building.

When: Programming will take place from 3:00 to 6:00pm five days a week throughout the school year.
We still have a long way to go to reach our full potential as an organization and to provide the services our students’ deserve. This newest initiative is an enormous step in our journey to the mountaintop.


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