Youth Work 101

Welcome to the Youth Work 101 Series! Student U is starting this blog series to support youth work practitioners, educators, advocates for young people, and after-school professionals in their work by sharing what has worked for us and by offering free resources each month on a best practice.

My name is Connor Kirkpatrick and in addition to currently mentoring brilliant seventh graders in Student U’s afterschool program, I have worked with youth in many different out-of-school capacities. I wanted to start this blog series to share some of the most helpful tools that Student U has developed in its work to make Durham a place where all students succeed. These are techniques, strategies, and frameworks for working with young people that I wish I had incorporated a LOT earlier in my practice, and often still struggle to fully master.

The goal of this blog is to spark conversations about what has worked for others in the field to help you develop your own practice of working with young people. Our youth look to us to mentor and guide them in how to develop life skills. To help support you, every month this blog will feature a Student U staff member as they share a best practice in working with young people, along with a free (FREE!) tangible resource to help you implement this technique yourself in your own practice.


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