Willis Allen

Willis Allen

Willis Allen

Willis Allen is a Queens University of Charolette Graduate! He received his Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies in the spring of 2021.

Willis is destined to change his community and the world!

How does it feel to know you are graduating from college? What does it mean for your future success?

Graduating has been bitter, sweet. It’s bitter when I look back I realize that most people I met are from different places in the world and I won’t have access to your them as I once did. On the other hand, it’s sweet because I am getting closer to the things I stayed up and prayed for. For myself, having a degree is helping me qualify for the positions I see myself in.

What is your vision for the world and Durham?

I envision a Durham and world where our minority communities are protected and living without doubt and fear of anything.

As far change, I will start by making sure that I am the reflection of everything I envision. I have to make sure that I protect minority communities and take it upon myself to live without fear and doubt because I am a product of Durham and a global citizen. It always starts by being every bit of the change you want to see in my opinion.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Plan to join a collegiate basketball program as an assistant coach. Potentially as a graduate student. (TBD)

Who has helped you on your journey?

I have had a lot of help along my journey. Often times it’s not exactly the things people have literally done for me, but more so people allowing me to be so rooted in their lives that I am able to learn from how they do things to help myself. For this, I can credit my family and close friends.

I also credit a large portion of my success to my longtime mentor/ friend, Antwan Robinson, otherwise known as, “Coach Rob”. He’s literally been there. He’s responsible for helping me shift my perspective, ask the right questions, put myself in good positions, and learn about myself. Real is rare, and so is he.

As for Student-U, I am forever indebted. For a community of leaders to pour into students like ourselves is inspiring and motivating. Everything from the job opportunities, check-ins, retreats, and more, Student-U has always done the little, yet big things to help all of us navigate, and succeed not just throughout undergrad, but in life.

What are some of your accomplishments from time in school?

-Undergraduate Assistant Coach for Queens WBB

-Study Abroad in Costa Rica

-Co-Founder of Mentoring Education Through Awareness

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