The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

We are so grateful for the people and institutions that support us financially and help us empower and equip students, families, and educators. Student U supporters are people just like you, changing their communities.

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation's Story
The Biddle Foundation was founded in Durham in 1956 and has generously supported nonprofits in the region since then, with an emphasis on education and the arts.  In 2007, when Student U was being launched, the Biddle Foundation stepped up as an early funder, and they have been helping us make a positive impact on our community ever since.

“Student U is an anchor organization in Durham. It has demonstrated extraordinary success in empowering students from Durham Public Schools to excel academically, graduate from high school, and prepare for college or career. It’s been a joy to see Student U expand from working with middle school students to staying by their side through high school and college. The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation has been honored to invest in these students.”

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