Teaching at Student U


Applications are now open! Once your application is submitted, your materials will be considered in the order they are received. 

Student U’s Summer Academy is a core component of our college access and success programming for students. Summer Academy is a huge part of our organization, and it takes a lot of dedicated individuals to make it work daily. Our teachers are committed to helping our students feel success and growth by providing thoughtful, intentional academic experiences and sharing their own excitement around academic content. The impact Student U teachers have in the classroom is not only empowering students to discover their best selves but supporting them to become leaders that will transform our city.

Step Into The U

Build your resume and workforce experience in our Student U's Summer Academy

  • 8-Week Summer Program (Full-Time)
    • 2 Week Teacher Training where you’ll learn or gain additional experience in:
      • Classroom Management Techniques 
      • Restorative Practices
      • Being an Anti-Racist Educator 
      • Being a Trauma-Informed Educator 
      • Plus, community building with your teammates and more! 
    • 5 Week Summer Academy with Students 
      • Teach MS or HS students a Core or Elective class 
      • Receive individualized mentorship from a veteran Durham educator 
      • Work with a team of teachers to develop the best ways to support your students 
      • Plus Talent Shows, Olympic Day, Spirit Week, and more!
    • 1 Evaluation Week 
      • Shared your summer learnings 
      • Gain Feedback from mentor reachers 
      • Complete Comprehensive Evaluations for your students


**All teachers will host Homeroom for a group of students at the beginning of each day.

Important Summer Academy Dates

  • April 22, 2023 - Staff Launch 
  • June 17, 2023 - Family Day 
  • June 12-23, 2023 - Teacher Orientation, 8am - 4pm (in person)  
  • June 19, 2023 - Student U Closed (observing Juneteenth Holiday)
  • June 26- July 28, 2023 - Summer Program (in person), approximately 9 hours daily, +1 hour weekly staff meeting on Tuesdays.
  • July 31- Aug 2, 2023 Evaluation Week, 8am - 4pm (in person)

Middle School Teachers

Core Subjects (ELA, Global Connect, Math, and Science):

All core subject classes implement a curriculum designed specifically for Student U’s Summer Academy by a team of experienced educators within the Durham Community. Core subject teachers will be responsible for creating the teaching tools that will accompany each lesson (powerpoints and handouts for each day), teaching the curriculum developed for their course, and evaluating student growth using the pre-and post-assessments created for each course.  Below is an overview of the curriculum implemented in each content area at Summer Academy:

High School Teachers

Core Subjects (ELA, Global Connect, Math, and Science):

All core subjects have a curriculum that has already been created by experienced teachers within the Durham Community. Core subject teachers will be responsible for creating the teaching tools that will accompany each lesson (powerpoints and handouts for each day), teaching the curriculum developed for their course, and evaluating the students using the pre- and post-tests created for the course.  Applicants can view the course descriptions and sample lesson plan below.

Elective Subjects:

Each elective teacher will teach a self-developed course to our rising 9th and 10th-grade students.  Elective teachers will be responsible for developing their curriculum in the spring, creating the teaching tools/resources that will accompany each lesson, teaching, and evaluating the students using pre- and post-tests. 

Still have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

What is Summer Academy?

Summer Academy is a 5-week, full-day program for our rising 6th-10th grade students that includes academic programming, enrichment opportunities, intentional community building, and exposure to college and career options.


Where does Summer Academy take place?

Our Summer Academy takes place at Durham Academy Middle School, at 3116 Academy Road in Durham, NC. Students come from all over Durham to attend our programming!

If I am hired as a teacher this summer, will I really be teaching, or will I be more of a teaching assistant?

You’ll be a teacher! As a summer teacher at Student U, you will be asked to complete the responsibilities professional teachers do every day, including lesson planning, managing a classroom, assessment, and parent communication. We will provide you training and support for all of these responsibilities!

Asheville9 (1)

Do I need to have teaching experience in order to be a successful teacher?

No! While we love to work with experienced educators, you are not required to have previous experience in order to apply. We often hire summer teachers for whom this will be a first time working with middle schoolers or high schoolers, and will provide you with the training and support you need to teach students this summer.

Do I have to be an education major to apply or know that I want to be a career teacher?

No. We welcome all those who are committed to a Durham where all students succeed, whether you are a community member, college student, current teacher, aspiring teacher, as long as you are excited by working with our students!

8B - 3

Are the dates for the summer flexible?

Unfortunately not! We know that summer is a busy time, but we really work to prioritize the five weeks we have with students. We expect teachers to be present for our full summer with students.

Is housing provided?

We do not currently provide housing for our summer teachers. However, we have a warm and helpful community, and if you are in need of finding housing for the summer, we will work to connect you with someone who might have leads!

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I’m coming from a nearby location (Chapel Hill, Raleigh) but I don’t have a car. Can I still apply?

Yes! We can’t provide transportation for you, but will connect you with another employee where possible to help you get to Student U each day.

What does this job pay?

All un-licensed Middle School & High School teachers at Student U get paid at a rate of $18/hour. Licensed Middle School and High School teachers get paid at a rate of $22/hour. Mentor and Interventionist positions are paid at a different rate.


What COVID precautions are being set in place to keep students and staff safe?

At Student U safety is our top priority! We recommend all students and staff are masked during the duration of the day. We have decreased large group gatherings, and most larger events have been scaled down, handled virtually, or moved outdoors. We have our own supply of masks and sanitizing materials for both students' and staff use.