Amy's primary responsibility is supporting our teams dedicated to organizational finance, HR, development, and the management and operations of The W.G. Pearson Center.

Amy Salo

Student U Chief Operating Officer

Amy's Why:

I believe deeply that I am called to steward everything I have been given for the benefit of others, including my time, talent, and treasure. For me and my family, this belief manifests itself in a lot of different ways on a day to day basis, with one of the biggest being a deep investment at Student U. I believe in this work because it is in pursuit of justice and in pursuit of my neighbors’ kids growing up with opportunities and senses of worth and security that will match those my own children are given.

Amy outside of Student U:

Outside of work, I am usually with my high school sweetheart and now husband, Daniel, and our sons, Abbott, Brady, and Christopher. We spend our time volunteering in the community, exploring Durham with friends, doing house projects, taking weekend trips whenever we can get away, and loving on our neighbors.

Advice Amy finds valuable:

Surround yourself with the right people. A team full of people who are passionate about the work, believing deeply in the values of our organization and the brilliance of our students, can accomplish just about anything.

Other organizations Amy is involved with:

Durham Public Schools Foundation Board member, Guardian ad Litem for Durham County foster care system, and a member at The Summit Church


UNC-Chapel Hill and Kenan-Flagler Business School

Course of study:

Business Administration

Student U start date:

August 1, 2013

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