College Promise Program

Once students enroll in college, they continue to participate in Student U through the College Promise. Student U’s College Promise program provides academic, social/emotional, and financial support for students during their four years in college. Student U’s College Success Coordinators support college students through in-person meetings, phone check-ins, topic-focused retreats and connections to on-campus resources for each student.

During the August pre-college retreat and the annual Winter Break retreat, students discuss successes, challenges and course selections with Student U staff and external experts. Student U parents also gather four times a year to support one another through the challenges of advocating for and nurturing their children as they transition into adulthood.

In addition to a strong focus on connecting students to resources and supports at the colleges they attend, Student U hires its own experienced college students as College Fellows, who are paid to mentor and support the younger college students on their campuses.

College Promise includes:

  • Provides academic, social/ emotional, and financial support for students during post-secondary education.
  • Connects our college students to Student U peer mentors through Student U College Promise Fellowship.
  • Hosts topic-focused retreats, and plans social gatherings so that Student U students can continue engaging with the community that has walked with them on their journey to this point.
  • Supports the families of our college students by educating parents on the road ahead for their students and the ways they can support their children.


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Maritzelena Chirinos

"College is about getting to know yourself better. When I became a part of Student U as a fifth grader, every day we would recite the Mahatma Gandhi quote that says “be the change you want to see in the world” and discuss how we could incite change in our communities. This path to changing the world is not always easy. Now as a college graduate, with the power of my education and my voice, I am ready to make a real difference. This year, I presented my research “An Identity Crisis: The Identity Development of Dreamers Post-DACA Termination” at the 47th Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Political Science Association. Now I am going to participate in the HPJ Fellowship at Frontline Solutions to explore the intersection of social justice, entrepreneurship and consulting in the nonprofit sector before enrolling in the fall at John Jay University to pursue my masters in Criminology.”

- Maritzelena Chirinos, Meredith College Graduate