Our Approach

Student U’s mission is to empower Durham Public School students with the academic and personal well-being skills necessary to succeed to college and beyond.  To make that dream a reality, Student U walks with students and families from sixth grade through college, providing holistic support at each step along the way. Each program – middle school, high school, and College Promise – is composed of different, age-appropriate interventions.

Student Journey

Our Long-term Goals


Academic Success
Student U believes it is necessary for our students to achieve educational success to thrive beyond school. Each program – middle school, high school, and College Promise – is composed of different, age-appropriate intervention. We have a full-time Learning Specialist who can provide targeted academic interventions and partners with families to support individual students and build the academic skills and confidence they need to be college-bound.

Financial Security
Student U believes that it is vital to students’ success beyond college that students have the knowledge to achieve financial security as adults. Students are exposed to career and professional opportunities that inform their academic and career aspirations. Student U is partnering with the Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) to open College Savings Accounts for all of our middle school students.

Personal Well-Being
Student U recognizes the importance of the whole child; we know that while developing academic skills is important, our students' social, emotional, and physical well-being is just as crucial to their success. Student U provides students and families with access to a full-time Clinical Social Worker who works with students on social and emotional wellness.

Community Engagement
Student U believes that families are our most important partners in student success. We are intentional about partnering with our students’ parents and supporting our students’ families. We host regular parent workshops to engage families in learning from each other and community partners. We maintain constant communication with parents throughout the school year and we work with parents and students to empower them to be active and engaged members of their communities.

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