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2014 Middle School Program Highlights

6th Grade  The class of 2021 approached each day of summer programming with a sense of urgency and purpose. Students worked tirelessly to improve their writing skills every day in English class. As a culminating project, students proudly presented personal narratives. In math class, students studied graphing...

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Growth: Year Round Program

By Alex Lowe, Middle School Porgram Coordinator Two months ago, our YRP community began the process of preparing and planting a Student U Community Garden. Energized and motivated by the hope of growth, our students gathered the “essentials” – soil, a sunny space, watering cans, and,...

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Duke Magazine: Winter Forum competition tackles science, math education

Duke Magazine ( Winter Forum competition tackles science, math education Ideas aim at science and math curricula. February 25, 2014 The challenge was to come up with new ideas for improving science and math education in the U.S. and India in forty-eight hours. While all earned praise, three of those...

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