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Our Beloved Community: Why Student U?

Why Student U? by Alexandra Zagbayou, High School Program Director Over the past couple of week's we've been doing interviews with various people interested in working for Student U. The best part of the conversations have been the when people ask us: Why do you love working for...

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2014 High School Program Highlights

9th + 10th Grade  We know that the hike to college is steep, but our students proved this summer that anything is possible with enough hard work and determination. The 9th graders started their summer by taking a trip south to Atlanta, Georgia. Our students had the opportunity...

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2014 Middle School Program Highlights

6th Grade  The class of 2021 approached each day of summer programming with a sense of urgency and purpose. Students worked tirelessly to improve their writing skills every day in English class. As a culminating project, students proudly presented personal narratives. In math class, students studied graphing...

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