Invest in the Student U Brilliance Lab

Invest in the Student U Brilliance Lab


Student U students joined together to create the vision for an innovation and computer lab. Located at the newly-purchased W. G. Pearson Center, The Brilliance Lab will be a state-of-the art space that will nurture creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The Brilliance Lab—a space where technology and empowerment merge— will create an environment in which we can approach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with the mindset of problem solvers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Student U has created a campaign page on CrowdRise through which families, teacher alumni, and supporters can invest in the dream of a Student U Brilliance Lab for W.G. Pearson. By investing in The Brilliance Lab, you are investing in us as we continue to develop into change agents and demonstrating your belief in our power to change the world. This investment will go directly towards the logistics and operations that will make The Brilliance Lab possible.  Watch the video above to learn more about the students’ dream.

Empowering Students to Close the Digital Divide with Brilliance on Crowdrise

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