Golden Door Scholars

Golden Door Scholars

There have been many incredible moments of pride in 2018 at Student U and we very proud to congragulate Laura Duran Valezquez and Jatzyri Perez on recently being awarded the Golden Door Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship to the college of their choice! Join us in celebrating these incredible students!


“I am overwhelmed with joy having earned the Golden Door Scholarship and couldn’t have been possible without the support Student U has given me. As for now I will be transferring to another school for fall of 2019 pursing a major in Computer Science to hopefully to get a career in software developer.”

– Laura Duran Valezquez


“I hope to further my education in a college or university that allows me to research mental illnesses and the brain. I’m striving to become a neurosurgeon but my mind is open to explore other professions within the medical field that my future college will introduce me to! Once I become a surgeon I will use my knowledge and skills by performing pro-bono surgeries for families in need. Si se puede!”

– Jatzyri Perez


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