Preparing for college starts well before your senior year. As a college-bound student, you can use your high school career to build a strong college application. Over the course of the school year, high school students work closely with Student U’s Associate Director of College Advising and Success. Students are exposed to a wide range of programming designed to help families plan, apply, and pay for college. Students participate in college tours, College Bound 101 workshops, a college fair, and individual conferences to meet students’ needs. Below you will find upcoming college preparation events and resources for scholarships and financial aid.

High School Senior Checklist

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Changes to the ACT: Starting in September 2020, students will be able to retake sections of the college entrance exam rather than the entire test. This will allow students to avoid damaging their scores on sections where they had already done well.


Financial Aid

Want help applying for Financial Aid? Schedule a meeting with Ms. Maina at