Comments on the invasion of the Capitol

Comments on the invasion of the Capitol

Dear Student U Family,

Now that we have all had a bit of time to process the horrendous events of January 6, we think it is imperative that Student U be clear and bold about its perspective and about what each of us can do to help inch the United States closer to at long last being a just society. 

Student U was formed 16 years ago to help remedy the damage caused by systemic, unconscious and overt bias, which had led to a consistent under-serving of too many students.  Student U believed that guiding first-generation college students through the education maze so they would graduate from college would prepare them to become both financially secure and leaders in a continued fight for justice and equity. 

While Student U continues to believe in the strength of education, it now advocates for justice in all aspects of our culture. Injustice in any realm will make justice in any other impossible to accomplish. Students who witness the injustice in our society will find it very difficult to succeed. 

Last Wednesday’s horrific acts make that point emphatically.

Seeing a predominately white mob incited by predominantly white leaders violently try to overturn a ticket more committed to diversity and justice, leads us to advocate for diversity and justice. Seeing these white leaders lie with impunity leads us to advocate truth-telling. Seeing these white leaders deny culpability for their actions leads us to advocate for accountability. Seeing the police response during the Black Lives Matter marches compared to Wednesday’s leads us to advocate to eliminate racism in policing. 

Many of us could look back on Wednesday and say the cause for justice is lost. And while Wednesday bared so much that remains ugly in America, it renewed Student U’s commitment to its cause and doubled our efforts for the work. We ask you to join us. Together we must address the injustice and racism that still pervades our country. Together, we must emphasize the need for truth. Together we must work to hold the miscreants responsible for the bold attack on our Capitol accountable. Together we must work to make policing equitable and just. 

Thank you in advance for the work you will continue to do. Student U will continue to communicate about the work we are doing and how you can help.

Together we will make America a better and more just place for all of its citizens. 

Dave Michelman, Board Chair
Amy Salo, Acting Executive Director

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