Our part-time staff are excited to facilitate learning and create an environment for students to succeed. We are committed to helping our students feel success and growth by providing thoughtful, intentional academic experiences, and sharing our own excitement around academic content.

There are currently no seasonal summer positions available.

– Part-time Positions –

2022-2023 Middle School Academic Coach

The Middle School Academic Coach role is designed for passionate individuals who believe fervently in the brilliance and potential of our students; who believe all children can succeed when adequately supported. Each Student U Academic Coach is responsible for supporting and advocating for the academic success of a small cohort of Student U middle school students within Durham Public Schools.

Compensation: $16/hour

Commitment: September 5, 2022 - May 18, 2023

Hours Needed: ~6 hours/week

2022- 2023 Middle School Advocate

The Student U Middle School Advocate will work daily throughout the school year with the same group or cohort of 15-20 middle school students, acting as an academic coach, and support for students. Advocates will work closely with tutors and Student U staff to ensure that each of our students receives the support, intervention, and enrichment that they need to be the most successful academic, emotional, and social versions of themselves during the school year.

Compensation:  Base pay for this position starts at $15/hour

Commitment Dates: August 22, 2022-May 20,2023

Hours Needed:  Monday-Thursday, 3:00 pm-7:00 pm - On-Site in Durham @ The WG Pearson Center.

Communications Coordinator

The Student U Communications Coordinator presents Student U’s mission, values, vision, and programming to the internal and external Student U community. This position reports to the Director of Marketing and Storytelling and will work closely with Student U’s Development team and Executive Director. The Communications Coordinator will develop, maintain, and design content for the Student U newsletters, manage social media engagement, and design digital and print materials.

Compensation: $22/hour ($34,320 annually)

Commitment: Year-around (no end date)

Hours Needed: 30 hours/week (Option of 50% remote work)

– Full-time Opportunities –

Student U is committed to fostering an inclusive culture within our organization where people from various backgrounds can participate fully and equitably, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to our mission.

- There are currently no full-time opportunities available. -

If you are interested in a Durham where all students succeed and want to share your brilliance with our community contact us.