Our part-time staff are excited to facilitate learning and create an environment for students to succeed. We are committed to helping our students feel success and growth by providing thoughtful, intentional academic experiences, and sharing our own excitement around academic content.

– Seasonal Teaching Positions –

Summer Academy Middle School Teacher

Our middle school teachers teach their own class in Math, Science, Global Connect or Language Arts, lead a small reading group and create an elective based on their unique talents and interests. Student U teachers work full-time in the summer, creating lesson plans, teaching their own classes and working collaboratively with other teachers to engage and inspire students and part-time during the school year tutoring at our after-school program.

Summer Academy High School Teacher

Our high school teachers are experienced school teachers and professionals from Durham and the surrounding community. They teach in a five-week academic enrichment program designed to support our rising 9th and 10th grade students as they transition to and through high school. Student U high school teachers work full-time in the summer, teaching their own self-designed course while working collaboratively with other teachers to engage and inspire students. Courses encompass the Humanities, Math, Science, Art, Wellness, and College Prep.

Summer Academy Mentor Teacher

Mentor Teachers serve as an important support role in our Summer Academy program. Each mentor will own a part of the instructional day at Student U. This includes academic core classes like Math, Science, English and Global Connect along with Read Fearlessly (small reading groups) and electives (teacher designed courses based on teacher interest).

Summer Academy Middle School Interventionist

Student U Summer Interventionists are licensed, experienced educators who are present part-time in the summer to support middle school students who are behind grade level in some capacity and/or could benefit from more individualized instruction.

– School Year Part-time Positions –

Learning Center Pod Leader

Pod Leaders will work daily throughout the school year with the same group, or “family,” of up to 10 middle or high school students, acting as an in-person assistant for students’ remote learning experience and academic coach. Pod Leaders primary responsibilities are to create a safe space for students to learn, build a strong sense of community and mutual accountability, and ensure families/DPS staff are aware of students’ progress and needs to be the most successful academic, emotional, and social versions of themselves during the school year.

– Full-time Opportunities –

Student U is committed to fostering an inclusive culture within our organization where people from various backgrounds can participate fully and equitably, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to our mission.

There are currently no openings for full-time positions. If you are interested in a Durham where all students succeed and want to share your brilliance with our community contact us.