Academic Outcomes

After 15 years of research-backed, results-yielding programming, Student Uā€™s holistic 11-year model that spans from the 6th grade to College Graduation is the bread and butter of our operations. Student U believes it is necessary for our students to achieve educational success to thrive beyond school. Each program ā€“ Middle School, High School, and College Promise ā€“ is composed of different, age-appropriate interventions. We have a full-time Learning Specialist who can provide targeted academic interventions and partners with families to support individual students and build the academic skills and confidence they need to be college-bound.

Student U is proud to announce that nearly 100% of Student U students from the classes of 2014-2022 graduated from High School. 90% of these Student U graduating high school seniors have enrolled in college within their first year after high school. And most exciting, 67 Student U students have graduated or completed their postsecondary opportunity. These results are especially encouraging considering that in the United States, only 11% of first-generation students will graduate from a 4-year institution within 6 years (Pew Center, 2008).

For students who stay in our programming from start to finish, Student U students beat these statistics as a result of their tireless work and commitment:


High School Graduation Rate


Enrolled in Post-Secondary Education


6-Year College Graduation Rate

Personal Well-being Outcomes

Student U cares about the holistic well-being of students. We know that while developing academic skills is important, keeping our students socially, emotionally, and physically well is just as crucial to their success. Student U works to build community among students as a place where they are affirmed to be the best version of themselves and develop a positive personal identity. Because of this, students and families have access to a full-time social worker on staff who works with students on social and emotional wellness. We also have a Learning Specialist on staff who can provide targeted academic interventions to students who may have learning differences or disabilities.

Student U measures impact by both academic and personal well-being indicators. Each summer students take a personal well-being survey that is developed and administered by a professor at North Carolina State University. This survey allows Student U to have a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges students face outside of the academic realm, and it has consistently shown that Student U students exhibit high levels of efficacy, leadership, self-worth, and social responsibility.


Students feel supported in their own development at Student U


Students are very confident in their academic capabilities


Students report caring for or showing empathy to others is part of who they are


Students are confident in who they are


Students consider their future when making decisions

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